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AXEL empowers member investors by encouraging connections and providing educational resources. Through the network, investors gain valuable insights and tools to increase the quality and quantity of their investments.
At AXEL we facilitate connections and provide support to business angels, early-stage investors, entrepreneurs, and corporate entities within the region. With a membership base of 90 members, AXEL fosters knowledge exchange, networking opportunities, syndication and builds a strong community within the Georgian startup ecosystem.
Why angel investing?
Angel investing with AXEL goes beyond just financial gains. It's about building a strong community of people with diverse skills and knowledge from different industries. We offer a chance to network with some of Georgia's most successful people and create a platform for collaboration, mentorship, and personal growth.

AXEL creates a unique club where investors can connect with others who share their passion for innovation. This encourages valuable friendships and opens doors to exciting opportunities.
Member benefits
Startup Directory Access
Gain access to a comprehensive database of promising startups in our Startup Directory.
Networking opportunities
Connect with diverse investors, entrepreneurs, and experts, fostering valuable relationships.
Tech & Innovation Updates
Access exclusive insights on market trends, investment opportunities, and startups from experts.
Investment process management

Let AXEL’s team scout and screen startups for you. We are supporting the whole process of deal-formation, SPV creation and deal closure.

Exclusive Opportunities
Gain access to exclusive investment opportunities available only to members of Axel's closed club.
Syndicate Participation
Join investment syndicates with reputable individuals, leveraging collective expertise for greater impact.
Closed Events
Attend Axel's investor-only closed events for a unique and enriching experience, enhancing your investment journey.
Learning Hub
Access educational materials, workshops, and events to enhance investment skills.
Personalised approach
Experience a tailored and individualized approach to membership, ensuring your unique needs and preferences are met.
Investor Insights
Access exclusive insights and analysis from industry experts on market trends, investment opportunities, and startups.
Ecosystem Development
Play a significant role in advancing the Georgian startup ecosystem and supporting promising entrepreneurs on their path to success.
EBAN and GBAN partnership
Gain access to events and gatherings hosted by EBAN and GBAN, and participate in their events as a delegation representing Axel.
Get to know our members
Axel brings together over 90 members from Georgia and other European countries.
Here are some of them.
  • Nino Masurashvili
    Deputy CEO, Chief Risk Officer
    TBC Bank
  • Erekle Zurmukhtashvili
  • Giga Kerkadze
    Former General Manager
    Glovo Georgia
  • Vasil Khodeli
    Former CEO
    Liberty Bank
  • George Simongulashvili
    GEC Consulting
  • Ekaterine Malazonia
    Lead Expert
    IPC - Internationale Projekt Consult
  • Dimitry Kumsishvili
    Managing Partner
    Kedari Ventures
  • Giorgi Samkharadze
    Partner, Audit Quality
    Nexia TA
  • Vako Gegidze
    Gegidze CA
  • George Arveladze
    Moped Depot
  • Zurab Lalazashvili
    Managing Partner
    BDO Georgia
  • Maia Verdzadze
    Hill Inn Luxury Camping

  • Guram Rukhadze
    Chief Technology Officer
    DevLab Georgia
  • George Gvazava
    Chief Crypto Officer
    Bank of Georgia
  • Giorgi Abramishvili
    Managing Director
    Energy Solutions
  • Nodo Ivanidze
    Serial Entrepreneur
  • Nikoloz Kevkhishvili
    Managing Partner
    Rectus Development
  • Levan Shalamberidze
    Asia Equity Investments Lead
    Financial Institutions
  • Guram Varshanidze
    Senior Software Engineering Manager
  • Lika Tsitsuashvili
    Head of Reporting, Analysis and Budgeting
    Sun Petroleum Georgia
  • Julia Schwarz
    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Miles Lalor
    CGO & Co-Founder
  • Anton Nikitin
    Real Estate & Angel Investments
  • Beka Tchulukhadze
    COO, Partner
  • Alex Aleksishvili
    Founder and General Director
  • Ana Surmanidze
    Projects Manager
    Diplomat Georgia
  • Mikheil Janelidze
    Founding Partner
  • George Shamugia
    Managing Director
  • Guka Khimshishvili
    Regional Sales Manager
    Sika A.G.
  • Davit Tsitskishvili
    Serial Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO
    Tsitsko Holding
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