Investor Guidebooks
November, 2023
We're achieving great things at Axel and we're just getting started! Join us as we build a future where innovation has no limits and be part of our exciting journey!
On the important evening of November 3rd, Axel hosted an Investment meeting where details of the special project, that was crafted with the support of the USAID Economic Security Program, were revealed.

With the expertise of GEC Consulting team, two guidelines were created aiming to make big changes in how investments are done:

Guideline 1: Simplifying investors onboarding experience
This guide is all bout helping new investors feel free and get started confidently in the world of startup investments. It's packed with helpful tips and tools to make their journey and experience smoother.

Guideline 2: Making Investments Count
The second guideline provides a roadmap for investors to evaluate startup deals effectively. It helps them make smart decisions that have a big impact.

This project isn't just about Axel - it's about changing the investment landscape in Georgia for the better. By making investments easier and building stronger networks, it's set to spark growth and innovation in the region. And it's not just Georgia that's taking notice - European investment networks are also intrigued by the potential of Georgia's startup scene.